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Vise Ferrari Ball Jig

Part Number 232
Vise Ferrari Ball Jig
Vise Ferrari Ball Jig
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Ferrari Ball Jig by Vise
No more Oval Calculations! Only make lateral table moves.

Ferrari Jig can be used to drill:
1-1/8" Slugs and Slug-ITs,
1-1/4" Slugs and Slug-ITs,
1-3/8" Slugs and Slug-ITs,
1-1/2" Slugs and Slug-ITs.

Sure you have know-how and equipment to cut ovals but this ingenious ball jig makes it a lot faster and practically bullet-proof. Take the math and vertical table moves out of drilling ovals.

This is the only way you should try to cut an oval on a drill press. There is a very good reason they are part of the IT Starter Kit.

Regardless of the jig on your mill or drill press - you need one of these!