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Vise CS Hybrid Ball Plug: 2 Gallon Kit

Part Number VISE-CS-2
Vise CS Hybrid Ball Plug: 2 Gallon Kit
Vise CS Hybrid Ball Plug: 2 Gallon Kit
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Vise CS Hybrid Ball Plug
(Kit of 4 quarts of "A" and 4 quarts of "B")

Long before the strategic merger of Vise and Innovative, both sides had been working independently towards a "new type" of ball plug. A ball plug that is superior to what is available and neither company was willing to settle. If such product was going to be introduced, it would have to meet the very high standards of each company. Vise CS Hybrid Ball Plug has met and exceeded our very high standards.

The name CS Hybrid was carefully chosen. Chemically, it is not a hybrid, at all. But its behavior does offer the best qualities of epoxies and urethanes: hence "Hybrid." It machines and takes polish just like a cover-stock: hence "CS."

There is absolutely no need to pour this in "stages" and the initial viscosity will not allow air bubbles to be trapped during gel, just be careful not to "whip" air into it as you stir. It is fully cured and ready to be machined in one hour. The material does not "swell" above the ball's surface, nor does it "shrink" below the balls surface.

A few drops from any of the colors in Vise's Color Kit is all that is needed to help you achieve color-matching.There is a small learning curve associated with "spot-on" color matches but you can become an "expert" in short time.

CS Hybrid is a 2 gallon kit that is packaged in 4 quart-sized bottles of "A" and 4 quart-sized  bottles of "B." This greatly increases the useful life on unused product because your "shelf-life" meter doesn't start ticking until the bottle's seal has been broken. We have exchanged the pumps for "Yorker Tops" that also enhances shelf life and product quality. Pumps dispense fluids on the down-stroke and bring in outside air on the up-stroke. That outside air also contains any humidity (moisture) that is present in the air and as all of us who have time in the pro shop know: urethane and humidity are not friends.

Anytime you have had an issue with "foamy" ball plug, it is because moisture as been introduced into the bottle. This is why we removed the pumps and stress the importance of keeping the lids on the "Yorker Tops" securely in place when you are not dispensing ball plug into a mixing cup. CS Hybrid is packaged under controlled conditions to insure that no moisture is present in the bottle when we seal it.

If you somehow allow moisture to gain access into either part  "A" or "B", you will see the results in foamy plug jobs. Once this happens you should simply toss the open bottles of "A" and "B" and open a new pair of quarts. This is another reason why we chose to package CS Hybrid in quarts. If moisture contaminants the opened bottles, the most you sand to loose is no more than a quart each of "A" and "B." When moisture is permitted to infiltrate plug materials packaged in gallon bottles, you could lose the entire 2 gallon kit.

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