Video Resources - "How to"

Our how to videos are not in any particular order or grouping. Parts 1 and 2 of "How To Sand a Bowling Ball" are listed under Video Resources for Bowlers.  

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"How to" videos ... 

Drilling finger holes

(Video durations is 7:38)

Using Jonell Pitch Gauges

(Video duration is 2:01)

Finding PAP with Armadillo

(Video duration is 4:49)

Cutting down plugs

(Video duration is 4:29

Finishing a plugged ball

(Video duration is 4:08)

Taking measurments from "old" ball

(Video duration is 6:00).

Basic layout instructions

(Video duration is 3:50)

Drilling a Ball

(Video duration is 3:04)

Installing a thumb slug

(Video duration is 4:40)

Installing finger grips

(Video duration is 5:03)