Product Spotlight: 5” Contour Abrasion Blocks (CABs)

A ball spinner with skilled and undistracted hands can do just about anything needed to a ball’s surface. Distracted or inexperienced hands can quickly leave behind flat spots.

Flat spots simply cannot happen with our Sanding Blocks. Ours feel good in your hands and have a “hook” and “loop” fastening system that firmly secures sanding paper, Abralon, or SiaAir pads

Every Pro Shop needs at least one of these … but you should really have two or three.

Our typical price is $25.25 each but during its month under the Spotlight, we are offering them for $19.95.

Call your distributor and tell them you want the product in this month's spotlight. If you find that your distributor is not participating in this program, please give us a call. 

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