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Pro Shop Packages

Our Golden Anniversary Specials have now expired but check this out!

We are now offering Choice of Champions Packages going into 2023. They are a little different than our Golden Anniversary Packages but are still an incredible opportunity. Whether just beginning a new pro shop business, upgrading existing equipment or expanding your business, be sure that you talk to use first!

For a limited time, all Innovative Mill/Drill Plus Packages purchased by Pro Shops with commercial, retail floor space will come with free Vise products. A huge selection of the world’s best accessory line of products. You will enjoy drilling on the best mill money can buy and you receive enough Vise products that when sold at retail pricing, you will get back most of the money you invested in your new mill.

It Doesn’t Get Any Better than partnering with Innovative Bowling and Vise Inserts. More bowling balls are drilled on Innovative Bowling mills than all other brands combined and more PBA titles have been won with Vise Inserts than all other brands in the accessory business in the last 5 years.

Innovative Bowling and Vise Inserts – the true worldwide leaders in pro shop equipment and accessories.
We are the choice of the world’s leading pro shops and the choice of the world’s leading bowlers.
We are The Choice of Champions.