General Information

Innovative Bowling Products Corporation began in California in 1972 as AMF Voit. In March 2006 Innovative was purchased by John Jameson and subsequently moved the offices and production facilities to Jacobus, PA. Our machine shop is equipped with state-of-the-art machining equipment and Multiple Axis CNC machines. We "farm-out" very little of our production because we keep very "close-eyes" on maintaining tight tolerances and stringent quality controls. Nearly every part of every product is machined, manufactured and assembled in our Jacobus, Pennsylvania facility.

As a company on the grow, we have bought several other companies and have merged the production and sales of those products into the Innovative family of products. We recently began an amazingly successful line of Personal Ball Spinners and Personal Bowling Ball Revivors. These "personal" pieces were designed for the serious bowler who wishes to
maintain the surface of his/her own equipment.

On January 1, 2014, John Jameson purchased Vise Inserts and is now the CEO of both companies. Innovative and Vise continue to maintain their separate and independent identities and operate just as they did before the merger. All personnel, on both sides of the "family," have remained in place and work just as they did before. Innovative maintains its business location in Jacobus, Pennsylvania while Vise Inserts maintains their business location in Stockton, California.

Our products are sold throughout the world by bowling's leading distributors and pro shops, as well as

We offer more than 450 different products for bowling centers, bowling pro shops. and bowlers. In addition to the "big" equipment like Mill/Drills, Ball Jigs, Ball Spinners, Haus Resurfacing Machines, Oil Extraction Devices, and Balance Beam Ball Scales, we also provide Carbide Tipped Drill Bits, Plug Cutters, Measuring Balls, Specialty Bowling Balls and all Hand Tools necessary for the operation of successful bowling pro shop. If it is in the work area of a pro shop, we either make it or represent the manufacturer who does.

Since we do not offer used equipment for sale, we do not have "trade-in" programs. The vast majority of our product demands are for newly manufactured equipment. We are not able to share our technicians, machine shop or assembly resources with the restoration of used equipment.

We provide support for each of our products. Anyone experiencing technical issues should contact us right away by phone or through the "Contact Us" page of our shopping cart. The resolution of some issues are just better served through a phone call over email. Please, include your phone number and the best times to contact you while notifying us through the "Contact Us" form.