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Dual Chamber, PowerVac Jig Mill/Drill Pro Shop Package

Part Number PSP-PowerVac
Dual Chamber, PowerVac Jig Mill/Drill Pro Shop Package
Dual Chamber, PowerVac Jig Mill/Drill Pro Shop Package
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Mill/Drill Power Source
110 Volt / 60 Hertz
220 Volt / 50 HertZ [+$625.00]
Choice of Champions
No: do not add this option
Yes: do add this option [+$850.00]
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  • (1) Mill/Drill featuring Innovative's patented Dual Chamber, PowerVac Jig. Comes with Integrated Control Panel, 2 Axis Digital System, 2 HP Motor, and Table Movement To Within .001 Inch
  • (1) Mill Drill Stand
  • (1) Straight Shank Drill Bit Set, 41 Bits
  • (1) Carousel Drill Rack
  • (1) Convenient Built-In Work Lamp
  • (1) Straight Shank Plug Cutter
  • (1) Keyless Chuck
  • (1) Innovative Measuring Ball
  • (2) 32 oz. Vise Polish / Vise Cleaner Kit
  • (1) Two Speed Ball Spinner, 400-600 RPM
  • (1) Bevel Sander with Momentary Switch
  • (5) 1-1/2" Premium Sandpaper Discs, 100 Grit, 100 Pack
  • (2) Red Handled Bevel Knife
  • (1) Jonell Pitch Gauge, Set of 2
  • (1) Jonell Span Gauge, 1-1/2" Stud
  • (1) Pro-Sect Quarter Scale
  • (1) Vise CS Hybrid Bowling Ball Plug, 2 gal. kit
  • (1) Vise Plug Color Kit
  • (1) Pro's Choice No Leak Oval Plug Dams, 112 Pieces
  • (1) Pro's Choice No Leak Round Plug Dams, 190 Pieces
  • (1) Yellow Marking Pencils, 10 Pack
  • (2) Innovative Drill Pads
  • (12) Ball Display Cups

Choice of Champions option:

Our Choice of Champions option gives you a great price point to enter the very successful world of Vise products. In addition, you will get a one year coupon code for discounts on Innovative products purchased in our online store: innovativebowling.com. “It doesn’t get any better!”

This option includes:

  • 1) Pro Shop Staff Contract,
  • 1) 453 Finger Inserts (your choice of style, up to 3 colors,
  • 1) 120 Thumb Slugs (your choice of either 1-1/4” or 1-3/8”, up to 3 colors,
  • 1) 2’ x 3’ Wall Mounted Storage Rack,
  • 1) Vise IT Starter Kit (includes: 20 Ball Its, 12 Slugs with Slug Its, 25 Top Sleeves, IT Insertion Tool, IT Screwdriver, Push-down Rod, Change IT, Slug IT Primer),
  • 1) Ferrari Ball Jig (fastest and most accurate tool for drilling oval thumb angles),
  • 1) InstaCure Glue – Purple
  • 1) Vise IT Tee Shirts
  • 2) Vise Polymesh Collared Shirts (choice of sizes & colors, shop name or logo embroidered on right chest).
  • 1) Vise IT Banner
  • 1) Vise IT Accessory Bag
  • Coupon code for 10% discounts on all qualifying purchases at InnovativeBowling.com for 1 year. Coupon code will not apply to items that are “on sale” at time of purchase).

    Option price: 850.00.
Soon after your purchase of this option, you will receive a phone call from one of our representatives to gather the variable information: shirt size, insert style, insert and slug colors.
  • Shirt Sizes (XS, Small, Medium, Large, 1X Large, 2X Large, 3X Large, 4X Large).
  • Insert Styles - must all be same style: (Power Lift & Oval, Power Lift & Semi, Oval & Power Lift Oval).
  • Insert Colors - up to three (Yellow, White, Black, Clear, Neon, Green, Orange, Blue, Purple, Pink, Red).
  • Slug Colors - up to three (Yellow, White, Black, Neon, Green, Orange, Blue, Purple, Pink, Red, Grape).
  • Slug Diameter (either 1-1/4" or 1-3/8" not both).

You will also need to email artwork for Pro Shop Name or Logo to [email protected]vebowling.com

Once your order has been completed and shipped, you will be sent your discount coupon code. When entering your coupon code during checkout at innovativebowling.com, you will be given a 10% discount on all items in your shopping cart, except items that are on sale at the time of your order. You will be able to use this coupon code as many times as you need for a period of one year from date of purchase.
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