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Complete Innovative/Vise Pro Shop Package featuring New Standard Jig

Part Number CPSPNSJ-2
Complete Innovative/Vise Pro Shop Package featuring New Standard Jig
Complete Innovative/Vise Pro Shop Package featuring New Standard Jig
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Power Supply (Mill/Drill, Revivor, Beveler)
110 Volt / 60 Hertz
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Complete Pro Shop Package
by Innovative & Vise
The most valuable and complete pro shop package ever is now even better!

Two of the most trusted names in the business,
combining the most trusted products in the business, and
saving you more than $4,000.00!

Our complete pro shop packages offer you everything you need to successfully launch your business. These state-of-the-art products have set the standards and are proven performers in the professional pro shop industry.The equipment and products of Innovative and Vise provide you the absolute highest possible return on your investment.

Some sell sizzle -- we sell steak!

Based upon many years of experience in the operations of highly successful pro shops, we have carefully selected the items in these packages. None of your money will be wasted on expensive gadgets that will only collect dust as they hang on your tool wall or passively set on the shelf. Each of the products in these packages are items you will use every day in you pro shop business.

All of these products are backed by the impeccable reputations of Vise and Innovative Bowling Products. Our warranties and guarantees are second to no one. We are behind you every step of the way!

Innovative Mill/Drill featuring New Standard Jig (110 V)

Mill/Drill Plus Package Featuring Innovative's New Standard Jig (optional 220V/50Htz) includes: Mill/Drill Stand, Built-in Work Light, 2 Axis Digital Readout System, Premium Keyless Chuck, Carousel Drill Rack, 1/2" SS Plug Cutter, 41 piece Drill Set, 1/2" SS Carbide Tip Bit Set (1/2, 17/32, 9/16, 37/64, 19/32, 39/64, 5/8, 41/64, 21/32, 43/64, 11/16, 45/64, 23/32, 47/64, 3/4, 49/64, 25/32, 51/64, 13/16, 53/64, 27/32, 55/64, 7/8, 57/64, 29/32, 59/64, 15/16, 61/64, 31/32, 63/64, 1, 1-1/64, 1-1/32, 1-3/64, 1-1/16, 1-5/64, 1-3/32, 1-7/64, 1-1/8, 1-1/4, & 1-3/8.
2 Speed Innovative Ball Spinner - 400 & 600 RPM - 110V (220V/50Htz power upgrade is not available for this Ball Spinner. If you need 200V/50Htz Ball Spinner you will receive Innovative's High-speed Ball Spinner which will reduce the cost of this package).
Innovative's Measuring Ball.
Innovative's Thumb Protractor.
Innovative's Bevel Sander w/Momentary On/Off Switch 100V (optional 220V/50Htz).
Innovative's Red Handled Bevel Knife.
Innovative's Red Handled Scrapping Tool.
Innovative's Red Handled Round Rasp.
Innovative's Red Handled 1/2" Scrapping Tool.
Innovative's 31/32" Insert Puller.
Innovative's 7/8" Insert Puller.
Innovative's 1-1/32" Insert Puller.
Jonell Pitch Gauges (set of two).
Jonell Pitch Gauge for 1-1/2" Holes.
Jonell Span Gauge
with 1" Stud.
Jonell Span Gauge with 2-3/8" Stud.
Pro Sect Quarter Scale.
KGT Reusable Plug Dam Set (includes: 2 small round, 2 small oval, 3 large round, 3 large oval, 2 extra large round & 2 extra large oval).
Plug Cutter Vacuum Shield.
Internal Dial Caliper.
Digital Caliper.
Yellow Marking Pencils (10 pack).
Innovative Drill Specification Pad.
Innovative's Professional 2 Ball Oil Extraction Unit 100V (optional 220V/50Htz).
Haus Resurfacing System by Innovative 110V (only available in 110V/60 Htz).
6" Scale with Stud.
Armadillo Axis Finder.
20) Ball Display Cups.
Innovative's 1" Diameter Premium Sanding Discs (100 pack - 120 grit).
Innovative's 1-5/8" Diameter Premium Sanding Discs (100 pack - 80 grit).
Innovative's 1-5/8" Diameter Premium Sanding Discs (100 pack -100 grit).
Innovative's 1-5/8" Diameter Premium Sanding Discs (100 pack - 120 grit).
Innovative's 1-7/8" Diameter Premium Sanding Discs (100 pack - 240 grit).
3) 7 piece sets Abralon Polishing Disc (1 each: 180, 360, 500, 1000, 2000, 3000, & 4000 grits).
3) 10 piece sets SiaAir Polishing Discs (1 each: 240, 360, 500, 600, 800, 1000, 1500, 2000, 3000 & 4000 grits).
Innovative's 5" Sanding Block (CAB).
Hole Cleaner.

Vacuum Adapter (2-1/2" to 1-1/4").
Shop Apron (Innovative's Logo).
Tuition to Innovative's 4 Day Pro Shop Training Class.
Vise Vacuum System.
Vise IT (Interchangeable Thumb) Starter Package (includes: Ferrari Ball Jig, 1-1/4" Easy Slug, Slug-IT Mollies (12 ct), 1-3/8" Easy Slug, Slug-IT Mollies (12 ct), 2) Ball-IT with Expanders (20 ct), 1-1/4" Top Sleeves (25 ct), 1-3/8" Top Sleeves (20 ct), 1-5/16" Drill Bit for 1-1/4" Slug, 1-7/16" Drill Bit for 1-3/8" Slug, Slug-IT with Washer (20 ct), 1-1/4" Insertion Tool, 1-3/8" Insertion Tool, Change-IT, Ball-IT Dip Stick, IT Screw Driver & Push-down Rod, Vise Tape, 2) IT Small Accessory Bags, Vise IT Banner IT T-shirt.
Vise IF (Interchangeable Finger) Starter Package (includes: 120 Grips, Display Unit, Router Bit & Drill Adapter, Needle Nose Pliers, Instruction Sheet both standard & pitched installations).
2 Gallon Kit of Vise's CS Hybrid Ball Plug.
Vise Color Kit for CS Hybrid Ball Plug (includes: yellow, white, black, green, orange, blue, purple, pink, red, & pearl paste).
2' x 3' Vise Display (includes: 453 Inserts & 120 Thumb Slugs, 24.5" wide x 37" high, x 4" deep).
Vise Vaccu Sleeves (50 count package).
1 Box, Vise TA-2B Series Tape (12 bags of 4 count bags).
1 Box, Vise TA-2C Series Tape (12 bags of 4 count bags).
1 Box, Vise TA-2D Series Tape (12 bags of 4 count bags).
1 Box, Vise TA-2E Series Tape (12 bags of 8 count bags).
1 Box, Vise TA-2F Series Tape (12 bags of 4 count bags).
1 Box, Vise TA-1C Series Tape (12 bags of 4 count bags).
1 Box, Vise TA-1D Series Tape (12 bags of 4 count bags).
1 Vise Feel Tape Starter Kit (five 250 piece rolls, one each in a different feel or color).
1 Carton, Vise HADA Patch 1 #1 (12 bags of pre-cut HADA Patch)
1 Carton, Vise HADA Patch 1 #2 (12 bags of pre-cut HADA Patch)
1 Carton, Vise HADA Patch 1 #3 (12 bags of pre-cut HADA Patch)
1 Carton, Vise HADA Patch 1 #4 (12 bags of pre-cut HADA Patch)
6 Vise, Clear Top, 3 Ball Tote Rollers (colors determined by Vise's inventory at purchase).
Vise Compound (32 ounce bottle).
Vise Polish (32 ounce bottle).
Vise Slip Agent (32 ounce bottle).
Vise Cleaner (32 ounce bottle).
Vise Shop Apron.
Vise Shirt with Monogram.
Vise Letterman Pro Staff Jacket.
Vise Pro Shop Staff Contract.

The equipment and tools contained in this package are built to last a lifetime and wih proper care they will serve you for your entire career! Each hand-tool and piece of equipment is the highest possible quality and produced with the closest possible tolerances! These Vise and Innovative products have excelled beyond the test of time and have proven themselves as the best and strongest performers! All Master Craftsman choose the best equipment and hand-tools for the success of their businesses and your business should be equipped with nothing less!

Key points about our packages and a few of our products:

Innovative's Mill/Drill is a more expensive milling machine than those sold by our competition. Ours are build to much tighter tolerances, with very little opportunity for "play" and "wiggle" in the column supporting the power head. Less vibration and less chatter means greater precision.

Innovative's Keyless Chuck (again) is a much higher standard in quality than the keyless chucks offered by our competitors. This keyless chuck is standard equipment for our mills because the quality of your finished work is worth it!

Innovative's Dual Chamber PowerVac Jig makes our system far superior to any other bowling ball jig available. Only Innovative can offer this patented and very important feature. One vacuum chamber is sufficiently capable of properly securing a ball to the jig. The secondary vacuum chamber is there to provide additional security, even when deep engraving rests on the seals. This patented design makes Innovative's PowerVac Ball Jig the easiest and fastest ball drilling system in the world. There are no moving parts to cause vibration and nothing to wear out. As you near retirement, the quality of your drilling will be the same as it was when you first began using your new Dual Chamber PowerVac Jig. When speed and accuracy matter (which they always do) you can't go wrong with either our Dual Chamber PowerVac Jig (no moving parts) or our New Standard, Single Action, Lever Locking Cam Action Jig.

Innovative's Professional 2 Ball Oil Extraction Unit is a state of the art oil extraction device. Our Revivor has been around since early 2000 and has set the industry's performance standards for oil extraction. Our process is not messy and has brought hundreds of thousands of bowling balls back to an "out-of-the-box" condition. The Revivor's process is completely safe for bowling balls and is well documented. Our process does not cause any environmental concerns because there are no contaminated fluids to worry with properly disposal.

Like you, your customers must have the proper tools to succeed. By keeping balls "in play" longer, you will help your customers develop and maintain multi-ball arsenals. Our Revivor will create a continuous profit stream by ethically generating business for your shop. You, and all of your customers will reap benefits from this service.

Follow link: to view an independent study by Brunswick Bowling recognizing our Revivor as a safe and recommended system to remove lane oils from bowling balls.

Haus Resurfacing Machine by Innovative. When we come up with revolutionary innovation, we have the good business sense to patent the process. So, we also have a patented feature on our Haus Resurfacing Machine. Our Rigid Diamond Cutting Rings cannot be used in any other resurfacing systems which keeps our Haus Machine in a league of is own.

When the cutting rings / pads of a comparable machine are not rigid, they follow the contour of the ball. We all know that the contour of a ball is supposed to be round but are they really? The manufacture process, certain methods of delivery, unskilled hands on a ball spinner, and even drilled holes can leave behind flat spots. Any non-rigid cutting ring or pad that follows the contour of the ball is going to make flat spots larger and more pronounced. Only the Haus Resurfacing Machine can claim to actually make a ball rounder that factory specifications.

The Haus Resurfacing was the first machine of its kind. With our patented feature and the other enhancements brought about by the advent of the NextGen upgrade, it is still the best resurfacing machine available.

Innovative's 4 Day Pro Shop Training Class is included at no charge to everyone who buys this package. The school is an intensive 4 day and 4 night training class led by the industry's best instructors. You will gain all the knowledge and skills you need to successfully and ethically run your business. All phases of pro shop operations from "A" to "Z" are covered in our classes. We at Innovative and Vise will stand behind you and help you achieve knowledge and experience that is equal to those who are the best!

Vise Vacuum System was specifically designed to provide you and visitors to your pro shop, very high air standards. When drilling into a bowling ball, the airborne particulates are not a positive "treat" for the lungs. VVS offers two steps of filtration to keep particulates in the waste bags and out of your lungs! The ventilation hoods are designed to work in conjunction with 1-1/2" vacuum hoses to insure that all particulates are carried into the debris collection bag. An added benefit to health is cleanliness of store.

The Vise Vac System is also designed so that you may put the noisy power unit in another room, above the ceiling tile, or in a sound-proofed box. This protects your hearing and allows you to communicate with your customer while the vac system is on.

The debris collection canister is large enough to hold much more debris than the average shop vac. Less trips you make to the dumpster, leaves more time for you to do the things make your business profitable.

Ferrari Vise Jig is an ingenious device that allows you to create and recreate ovals, trapezoids, and triangles without having to be a mathematical wiz. By following a few simple directions there are no thumb shapes that you will not be able to properly fit.

220 Volt / 50 Hertz Power Options upgrade: Innovative's Mill/Drill units have options for 220 Volt / 50 Hertz Power Sources, as does our Professional Revivor, and Bevel Sanders. Haus Resurfacing Machines and 2 Speed Ball Spinners are only available in 110 Volt / 60 Hertz Power Sources. If you select this 220 Volt / 50 Hertz Power Option, you will be sent a 220 Volt / 50 Hertz High Speed Ball Spinner in place of the 2 Speed 110 Volt / 60 Hertz unit).

It is the responsibility of all of our international customers that if you need to purchase "step-down" transformers that you buy them in accordance with your local electrical codes.

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Complete Innovative/Vise Pro Shop Package featuring PowerVac Jig
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