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2 Ball Revivor Oil Extraction Unit

Part Number INN-OVN
2 Ball Revivor Oil Extraction Unit
2 Ball Revivor Oil Extraction Unit
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Innovative's 2 Ball Oil Extraction Device

Our Revivor Oil Extraction Device allows you to process either one or two balls at a time. It removes absorbed lane oil by applying digitally controlled heat in a even and consistent pattern. As the warm air is circulated throughout the chamber the ball(s) continually roll over sorbent pads, removing any oil as it is brought to the ball's surface. Our process is effective enough to bring a ball very close to "out-of-the-box" condition, doing so in less than one hour. It is not messy for the operator, the shop, nor the environment.

When balls are submersed in heated and treated water, an "oil slick" appears and the only way to tell if the ball is free of oil, is to remove the "slick" by refreshing the water and seeing if it reappears. More time to waste and more nasty water to dump (somewhere). Besides, what happens if there has been some separation between the different layers inside the ball? Or suppose you nip the pin towards the bottom of the ring finger hole? Water finds its way inside a lot faster than it will find its way out. "Oh, look at that rooster-tail coming from the ball!"

In defending their own products, others have said that our process may damage cover-stocks but don’t you believe it! Any bowling ball that has ever spent time riding around in the trunk of a car has experienced far greater risk than taking a ride in our Revivor. Brunswick actually performed a scientific study on the use of our the Revivor and determined that the claims were unfounded and false.

Our Revivor is as equal opportunity device because it offers positive benefits for the bowler and the pro shops. It gives bowlers the chance to develop an arsenal, instead of continually replacing their “go to” ball, while the pro shop is adding an valuable service and ethical profit source.

This service is an excellent foundation to build maintenance programs around and it is quite effective as a gift certificate offering. Let your customer's spouses to get involved in the quality of their other-half's game.

To read the Brunswick study, please follow this link: https://innovativebowling.com/BrunswickResearchRevivorResults.pdf.

Wes Malott, PBA great and owner of Strike-A- Lott Pro Shops told us that our Revivor is "The ONLY way we do it in our shops. A must have. We have 2 at our main location and could use more at times. Thanks Innovative."

For additional information please follow the links to review our March 2014 and October 2014 Product Spotlights both featuring the 2 Ball Revivor.

To view a video presentation of the 2 Ball Revivor, please follow this link.
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