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Pro Shop School

Innovative Bowling Products welcomed 50 students to our November 2018 Pro Shop Class. It was the largest class we have ever held and it went even more smoothly than we had hoped. The students came from all over the continental United States, Hawaii, Venezuela and South Korea.

In addition to our students we had an excellent staff of instructors. The lead instructors were Mo Pinel (Brunswick, Radical and DV8), John Jameson (owner and CEO of Innovative Bowling Products and Vise Inserts), Tom Carter, Mark Moon, Chuck Carter Jr., Kevin Mumpower, John Jackson, Larry Del Vecchio and Todd Porter.

For the class, we turned a portion of our manufacturing facility in Jacobus, PA into the "world's largest" working pro shop, There were 6 Mill/Drills featuring our PowerVac Jigs and 2 MIll/Drills featuring our New Standard Jig. Each mill had a large work table behind with bevel sanders and all the necessary hand tools and measuring scales. Behind the work tables, were plugging and resurfacing stations loaded with products from Innovative and Vise: Ball Spinners, 2 Ball Revivors, Haus Resurfacing Machines, Balance Scales, Vise CS Hybrid Ball Plug and wall displays filled with products from Vise: Cleaners, Polishes, Inserts, Slugs, Interchangeable Thumbs, HADA Patches and Feel Tapes.

Its too bad we didn't have a representative from Guiness World Record Book there because we surely set or broke a record, in having more than 50 bowling balls drilled in a single pro shop, in a span of 2 hours. .

The students, who ranged from "brand new" drillers to highly experienced ones, all left us feeling confident and excited to return home, so they could put all they had learned into action.

Our next class will be in April 2019 and will be sponsored by Storm and Roto Grip. Our lead instructors will be Hank Boomershine from Storm and John James from Innovative and Vise.